How to Make Pancake

Actually, this is a really question I asked to you, reader. But, if you really dont know how to make pancake, then I will write down about my experience in making a pancake. 

This isn’t an experience I though. since this is the first time I made a pancake, and people it successfully done and “little” delicious. I don’t really know the right recipes and procedures to make a pancake. but the first “experiment” really told me about the pancake, what is it, how to make, and how to make people really enjoy to eat the pancake. 

First thing you need to know when you want to make a pancake is, what is your purpose of making a pancake? do you want to make pancake for a trial, experiment, enjoy the pancake, or study about pancake? whatever your purposes, the second thing you need to know is the recipe. 

that’s right, the recipe is the basic thing you need to know. from the basic recipe, you will know what will happen to your pancake, and how to control the condition that you desired. 

this is the basic recipe I got from I don’t know whether this recipe is correct or not. but from this recipe, I successfully made my first time pancake. I’ll explain some of the ingredient below. here the recipe :

  1. 235 gr All purpose flour
  2. 350 ml Liquid milk
  3. 8 gr salt
  4. 15 gr white sugar
  5. 15 gr baking powder
  6. 55 gr butter (melted)
  7. 1 - 1/4 egg

All purpose flour is a medium protein flour. you can get it from the store locate nearby. if you dont get it and find a high protein flour and low protein flour, you can buy the low protein flour. the pancake can use low protein flour. why? the flour used for structure only. the starch inside the flour will hold the gases produced when frying. but the gluten may have role to make the pancake elastic when frying. *IMSO (In my stupid opinion)*. if you only find a high medium flour, you may try the flour. but I thing the batter and the pancake will be to tough compared with the all purpose flour, due to it gluten. you can made it into all purpose flour by frying it without oil, or called dry frying. it will destroy the gluten inside the flour.

Liquid milk is other main ingredient for pancake. you can use whether fresh milk from cow or made from instant milk. but, never use an expired liquid milk… :p

The salt used for taste. you can decrease the amount of salt if you want. based on my experiment, the amount of salt is to much and made my pancake too salty and undesirable. you can use the salt 2-4 % of the flour. 

white sugar will give the sweetness of the pancake. from my experience, this amount of sugar is to low. you may increase the sugar level, or and add another sweet flavoring like honey or brown sugar. but I suggest you use white sugar. to much sugar and high temperature frying pan can caramelized the pancake faster and make your pancake burnt in the bottom.

don’t use too much baking powder for your pancake. baking powder will pop your batter, but don’t think that it will work like pop-corn does. the baking powder will increase the volume of pancake when you frying it. when baking powder got heated, they will release the Carbon dioxide and make the structure of the pancake. therefore, you will have holes in your pancake, and the volume of the pancake will increase. thanks to baking powder to make our pancake look so beautiful.

melted the butter before you add into the batter. this will help the butter spread inside the batter, and make your pancake tasty. you can use margarine instead of butter if you don’t get one.but be careful, the margarine already have salty taste and contain water. so, you may decrease the amount of liquid milk and salt. Trick to melt the butter is by put the butter inside the heat-resistant small bowl, and heated in the oven until 3/4 part of butter melted. stir the lumpy butter, and let it cooling down. dont heat up the butter to long to prevent the part of oil and water separated. 

egg will increase the eating quality. dont add too much egg in your batter. stir up the egg before you add into the flour. My experience tell me that, using 1 whole egg, resulting in fishy taste in my pancake. 

oh ya, here is the processes you should follow. 

  1. mix up dry ingredient.
  2. add liquid water and egg, and stir until the batter mixed evenly. 
  3. add the melted butter slowly, keep in stirring. 
  4. rest it for  10 min, or you can fry it after the batter mixed evenly.
  5. fry until you see the holes in the pancake. 
  6. fry all side of pancake until tawny.
  7. serve while hot with maple syrup or honey.

that is, hopely you can make your own pancake and enjoy your pancake with your colleague..